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Apollo – Amazer 4G LIFE – 155/65 R14 (73 T) – Tubeless SET OF 4

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  • Vehicle Compatibility: Maruti Wagon-R
  • Silica based compound reduces intra-molecular friction
  • Mileage tyre from Goodyear for those seeking tyres that last long

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Have a look at Apollo Amazer 4G LIFE  155/65 R14 (75 T), if you are in search of a new tyre for your car. This new and improved tyre decreases the chances of a puncture and also lasts for a long time. In fact, it limits the chances of skidding while you are racing or driving at a high speed, due to the high traction its ribbed pattern lends. This makes the ride comfortable as well. Shop online for this tyre at Saibaa today.

Convenience and function

 This Apollo tyre has a unique design that will let you ride with comfort. It is equipped with a superb braking capacity. The Apollo Amazer 4G LIFE  155/65 R14 (73 T) reduces rolling resistance and improves fuel efficiency. It has a rim diameter of 35.56 cm and the nominal section width of the tyre is 155 mm. The nominal aspect ratio is 65 per cent and its load index is rated at 75.The pattern makes sure that the road is gripped firmly and the car will not skid. You will be able to travel across states with this tyre fitted to your vehicle. It comes with a high level of steering response too.


  • 3 Years Brand Warranty
  • Longer tyre Life
  • Reduced unsprung mass for fuel efficiency
  • T speed rated, tubeless tyre
  • Optimal gauges for supreme cushioning for ride comfort
  • Tyres in the images,if any, are only for representation purposes
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Brand Apollo
Car Make Maruti Suzuki
Car Model WagonR Vxi, WagonR Stringray
Type Passenger Car Tyre
Weight 4000 g



155/65 R14




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