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Michelin - Energy XM2 -  195/60R15 (88V) - Tubeless

Michelin – Energy XM2 – 195/60R15 (88V) – Tubeless

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  • Michelin’s latest generation of tyres made to deliver the best performance on Indian roads, offering a perfect match of safety, longevity and fuel efficiency.
  • Stops up to 1.7 meters shorter
  • Lasts 28% more compared to the leading competitor in India
  • 22% reduction in rolling resistance when compared to the leading competitor in India
  • Standard Warranty- 3 years
  • Can’t find tyre contac us:-
1 3 Years Brand Warranty

Product Specifications

  • Vehicle Make:-Fiat, Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Fiat, Toyota
  • Vehicle Model:- Grande Punto, Linea, Optra, Fusion, Fiesta, Fiest Classic, Elantra, Cedia, Fusion, Grand Punto, Punto Evo, Optra Magnum, Corolla, Cedia
  • Tyre Name:- ENERGY XM2
  • Tyre specification:- 195/60 R15
  • Application:- Car
  • Section Width:- 195 mm
  • Aspect Ratio:- 60.0
  • Rim Diameter:- 15 Inch
  • Load:- 560 kg
  • Speed Rating:- 149 mph
  • Load Index & Speed Rating:- 88 V
  • Construction:- Radial
  • Weight:- 5 Kg
  • Design Type:- Tubeless



The design and durability of MICHELIN Energy XM2 Tyres for Passenger Cars are unparalleled, when compared to the other tyres available in the market. The new Energy XM2 belongs to the latest generation of the MICHELIN tyres. Incorporating highly advanced and efficient technologies, this car tyre by MICHELIN ensures optimum performance to both wet and dry road conditions.

Designed to perform efficiently on the Indian roads, the new Energy XM2 Passenger Car Tyres are strengthened to fight against the different road hazards. It not only offers better grip but also enhances your car’s fuel efficiency. Available in 27 versions, the new XM2 Tyres comes along with 3 years MICHELIN India warranty.

MICHELIN Ironflex Tyre Technology

Developed by the Engineers of Group MICHELIN, the new MICHELIN Ironflex Tyre Technology makes the Energy XM2 tyres approximately 7 percent “more robust” giving an enhanced resistance to the damages caused by the potholes.  The advanced Ironflex Tyre Technology not only brings Bamboo like ability to bend against the uneven surfaces but it also results in equal stress distribution. Using 50-to-90 percent Silica Content (that improves the resistance capacity), the Energy XM2 delivers all that a tyre needs.

Firm Grip Reduces the Braking Distance

When compared to the other tyres available in the market, MICHELIN Energy XM2 Tyres for Passenger Cars results in an enhanced grip performance. In other words, the Energy XM2 Tyres by MICHELIN reduces the braking distance due to its firm grip. It helps the car in stopping approximately 1.7 meters shorter. Incorporating the MICHELIN Micro Adaptive Compound and the MICHELIN Wide Tread Grooves helps Energy XM2 in giving optimum performance both in dry and wet road conditions. The Micro Adaptive Compound enables the tyre in adjusting to the uneven road surface and the Wide Tread Grooves enables the water in evacuating with great volume.

Enhanced Tyre Longevity

MICHELIN Energy XM2 Tyres for Passenger Cars comes with a long life. Incorporating the Alternative Bridging Technology, the XM2 passenger car tyres are less prone to damages. The Alternative Bridging Technology reinforces the rigidity in the tread blocks, which results in optimum performance of the tyres. When compares to the other competitive tyres, the Energy XM2 results in approximately 28 percent extra performance.

Low Rolling Resistance

MICHELIN Energy XM2 Tyres for Passenger Cars are made using the Silica Based Tread Compound that adds to its efficient performance. It reduces the rolling resistance by 22 percent, when compared to the other tyres available in the market. Moreover, when the friction between the rubber and the road takes place, the tyres generate less heat. Therefore, it enhances your car’s fuel efficiency due to less energy consumption.

MICHELIN Total Performance

MICHELIN Energy XM2 Tyres for Passenger Cars are said to give MICHELIN Total Performance. In other words, the Energy XM2 Car Tyres deliver all your driving needs. It converge safety, durability, longevity and fuel efficiency, in order to deliver the best performance in any road conditions.

Weight 8000 g



195/60 R15




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