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Michelin - Latitude Cross -  265/65R17 (112T) - Tubeless

Michelin – LTX FORCE – 265/65R17 (112T) – Tubeless

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  • The multi-purpose SUV tyre with excellent traction, Superior comfort and exceptional mileage.
  • On all surfaces, the Michelin Latitude Cross grips, holds and advances like a top-of-the-line all-terrain tyre.
  • MICHELIN LTX FORCE offers ride comfort comparable to an on-road SUV tyre, such as the LTX FORCE, which is designed for 90% on road-use
  • MICHELIN LTX FORCE delivers high tyre mileage because of its special tread compound, which was developed using technologies applied to Michelin earthmover tyres
  • Standard Warranty- 3 years
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1 3 Years Brand Warranty



MICHELIN LTX FORCE Passenger Car Tyres specially designed to be used with the SUVs. The new LTX FORCE SUV Tyres by MICHELIN offers better road traction and also enhances your car’s mileage significantly. The LTX FORCE  Tyres has been developed with the advanced technologies that strengthen them to successfully fight with all different road hazards.

Available in 6 versions, the MICHELIN LTX FORCE tyres gives you the option to choose the size that fits to your car. It comes with 3 years MICHELIN India warranty.

Mud Catcher Tread Design

MICHELIN LTX FORCE Passenger Car Tyres have been carefully designed to give a splendid performance on different road surfaces. Consisting of a shoulder design works together with the sipes on the tread pattern and gives a better grip on the uneven and slippery surfaces. Be it a muddy surface or wet grass surface or a surface full with dirt, the new Latitude Cross SUV Car Tyres easily withstands the different road hazards.

Silent Tread Design

Designed for 90 percent on-road use, the new MICHELIN LTX FORCE Passenger Car Tyres consists of curved tread block arrangements that help the tyres in establishing better contact with the patch. Moreover, the curved tread block also suppress the hammering effect of the tyres. It results in quiet operation of the tyres.

Terrain Proof Compound Adds to Longevity

MICHELIN LTX FORCE Passenger Car Tyres has been designed with the special tread compound that is used to make the MICHELIN Earthmover Tyres. Made using the MICHELIN Earthmover Tyre Technology, the Latitude Cross SUV Car Tyres resists the abrasion effectively and efficiently. It enhances the tyre’s mileage and adds to its robustness.

MICHELIN Total Performance

MICHELIN LTX FORCE Passenger Car Tyres delivers all your driving needs. It delivers safety, durability, longevity to the tyres and also makes your car fuel efficient.

Weight 15000 g



265/65 R17




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